We would like to welcome you to Tarleton Academy. Joining a new school can be difficult but here at Tarleton Academy we go the extra mile to help you settle into school life and achieve the goals that you set at the beginning of school. 


We would like to welcome students and parents alike to Tarleton Academy. I am Ella Roberts, one of two school captains who hopes to make your time at Tarleton Academy memorable and beneficial. Starting high school is always a daunting experience, transitioning from a school you know very well, to a big place with lots of rooms and older students is understandably scary, but there are plenty of people to help you along the way. Myself along with the student leadership team (prefects and house captains) are delighted to aid and support you with anything you may need.


When becoming school captain, one thing I felt particularly passionate about was communication between year groups. I believe that our school should feel like one big community rather than feeling divided by our age. Many opportunities such as vertical tutor groups and inter house challenges allow for us to interact with those in other years, yet we wish to build on these ideas and create clubs in which all different year groups can enjoy.


Our school provides a broad range of sporting extracurriculars and academics alike which I would encourage all students to partake in and take advantage of all the opportunities offered. And whilst working towards GCSEs is a large part of high school, it is vitally important to enjoy your 5 years here and create many treasured memories.


Me and Ollie look forward to helping and supporting you throughout your time at Tarleton Academy.