Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, focused on maximising student potential and progress that allows all students to flourish and be the best they can become.

On starting at Tarleton Academy every student is allocated a Personal Tutor and is placed into a tutor group. These tutor groups contain students from every year group and each group is a member of one of four houses; Daley, Ennis, Farah and Wiggins. Each house is led by a House Progress Lead and also has a dedicated Pastoral & Behaviour Manager (a non-teacher dedicated to wellbeing support). Year 7 have their own dedicated Pastoral & Behaviour Manager. Tutors and the House Progress Leads, together with our Head of Learning Support and Assistant Head with responsibility for Progress and Intervention ensure cross subject overview, interrogation and intervention on progress and learning matters for individuals.

Current Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 9)

In Year 7 and 8 students are taught in shared groupings for English, Maths, Science, Modern Languages (French or Spanish), History, Geography, Religious Studies and PE. Another group of subjects is taught on a carousel basis which includes Computing, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Art & Design, Music and Drama. These subjects are taught in rotation in slightly smaller groups. In Years 7 & 8 a small number of students work together on an enhanced curriculum for their English, Science, Geography, History, Religious Studies and MFL focused on developing Literacy and learner confidence.

In Year 9 students are taught in shared groupings for English, History, Geography, Religious Studies, French and PE. In Science students are taught in ability sets and are introduced to appropriate aspects of the GCSE curriculum. In addition to this, Year 9 students can choose to streamline their curriculum further with 2 options from Art & Design, Computing, Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition, Music and Spanish as a ‘taster year’ before their final options in Year 10.

Current Key Stage 4

All students study English Language and Literature, Maths and Science leading to GCSE qualifications. A significant proportion of students take 3 separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) within their core subject time. All students take PE with Year 11 having the option to take this as a GCSE examination. Students choose at least 1 GCSE option from Geography, German, History and/or Spanish from the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) suite of subjects and up to 2 further GCSE options from either the EBacc subjects listed above and/or Art & Design, Computing, Drama, Food Preparation and Nutrition , Music and Religious Studies.

All Years

All students in Key Stages 3 and 4 study Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Careers Education (PHSCE) on 5 collapsed curriculum days throughout the year. At Key Stage 4 this includes elements of Religious Education.

Dance is available as an extra-curricular activity in Years 7 & 8 and as an extra-curricular GCSE option with Years 9 – 11.
We will undertake a Curriculum Review on an annual basis that will take into account Government legislation and the views of students, parents, Governors and staff.

Please contact the General Office should you wish to make an appointment

to discuss any aspect of the curriculum further.