Welcome to Tarleton Academy! We know that you will have lots of questions to ask about our Academy and we hope that this section of the website will answer some of them.

We also understand that you may be nervous about starting your new school which will probably be a lot larger than your present one.

There will be a lot of people who will look after you and you will not be by yourself.

If you have any questions in regards to year 7 please contact our Transition Team via email: transition@tarletonacademy.org


Do I have the same teacher all day?

No, you will have a different teacher for each subject. You will soon get to know their names.

Do I have an assembly every day?

No, because it is a bigger school than your previous one, it would be impossible to have an assembly every day. You will have a house assembly once a week. When there is no assembly you will have Personal Tutor time.

Are there rewards?

Student rewards are awarded through our Classcharts system.  Students may be given rewards for (but are not limited to):

  • Positive contributions in the classroom
  • Outstanding progress
  • A consistent high level of Engagement in learning
  • Having good attendance
  • Contributing to the life of the school
  • Being a 'good citizen'

Are there detentions?

Yes a detention could be held any night, Monday to Thursday. Detentions are also organised for break and/ or lunchtimes. Senior Leadership detentions are held on a Friday afterschool and last for 1 hour.

If you do not work hard, have your equipment or full uniform or misbehave you may:

  • Be issued with behviour points.
  • Be kept behind or after a lesson.
  • Be given extra work.
  • Be removed from a lesson 
  • Be given a faculty or pastoral detention.
  • Be placed on a subject report.
  • Be placed on full school academic or behaviour report.
  • Be isolated from fellow students for a period of time.

Your parents will be informed if you are given any of the above.

So that you know what we expect of you, we have a set of student expectations which are displayed in each classroom.
Your Personal Tutor will go through them with you and make sure you are clear about them and the school rules.

Do I have all lessons in the same room?

No, you will have to move around school to each lesson. You will go to different rooms for different lessons. Don’t worry you will soon find your way around.

At the change of lessons or at break time all the students in the school are on the corridors and it is therefore important that certain basic rules are followed:

  • Remove outdoor coats before entering the building.
  • Always walk on the left and never run on corridors.
  • When queuing up for lessons do so in single file on one side of the corridor.
  • Go through doors sensibly and hold them for anyone following you.
  • Be careful when carrying bags etc. that you do not bang into each other.
  • Talk quietly and do not shout.

Are there any Prefects?

Yes some Year 10 and Year 11 students are Prefects. One of their roles is to offer you help, support and guidance and ensure that you settle into school life.
They are all on duty at break times and you should always do what they ask.

Are there any areas which are out of bounds?

Yes, there are various parts of the school which are out of bounds to students. These main areas are:

  • To the rear of the Sports Hall and school fields
  • Floor 1 and 2 during break time and lunch (except to access your locker at the start and end of break and lunch and to attend clubs)
  • Other areas may, from time to time, be out of bounds

What activities can I take part in after school?

There are lots of clubs which you can attend after school. You can go to practices for the various school teams, such as  basketball, football, netball and cross country. Even if you are not in a team, there are clubs for you to attend.

If you prefer other activities you could always join in the practice sessions for the school production, choir and drama.

Homework Club is open afterschool if you need to look anything up, work on the computers, read or complete your work. It is based in PDC.

What do I do if I have a problem?

At some point in their school life most students will require help and advice about something which may be upsetting them or preventing them from going about their daily school life in the normal way.

Do not worry about things!

Whatever the problem, large or small, staff and senior students are on hand to listen and help in the best possible way. Remember most problems are quite easily solved if you share them. You can talk to your Personal Tutor, Personal Development Manager, Head of House or a  any other member of staff.

What do I do if I feel ill during the day?

Tell the teacher if you feel ill, they will send you to the Personal Development Centre.
Your Pastoral & Behaviour Manager, House Progress Lead or  Attendance Officer may decide to contact your parents to come and collect you.

On no account must you leave school without permission.

Should an accident occur, please report it immediately to the nearest teacher.

What do I do if I get lost?

For the first few weeks you may find difficulty in getting from one part of school to another. Should you get lost or lose your bearings the best thing to do is to ask any member of staff or student who will point you in the right direction. Don't worry - teachers will understand if you arrive late to their lessons for the first week or so. We always arrange for teachers to collect  their classes from the tennis courts and return them there at the end of each lesson.

What do I do if my parents want to take me on holiday during term time?

Due to new Local Authority regulations we are unable to grant holidays during term time. Any holidays taken in this period will be marked as unauthorised absences.

What do I do if I find something?

Please take it immediately to the Personal Development Centre.

What do I do if I lose something?

Tell your teacher or Personal Tutor as soon as you discover something is missing, he/she will help and advise you; you should also check to make sure it has not been handed in at the Personal Development Centre. Think carefully about when and where you remember last seeing it. Don't panic, most things have a habit of re-appearing!

Do not bring expensive items to school. If they are lost it is your responsibility.

What do I do if I have to bring any monies to school?

You should not need to bring money into school as we run a cashless system which is used to purchase food, drink and equipment. It is always advisable not to bring large amounts of money or valuables into school. If you do they are your responsibility.

What do I do if I am not fit to do PE?

Bring a signed note from home explaining the reason and give it to your PE teacher. You must still bring in your PE kit as you will still be involved in lessons as an official, sports leader or time keeper.