Personal Development Centre (PDC)

Tarleton Academy’s Personal Development Centre (PDC) provides a safe, nurturing and supportive environment. It encourages students to both talk and to listen. Students develop confidence and self-esteem through small group work and when appropriate one to one sessions. It helps to break down any barriers to learning students face at school.

Tarleton Academy Student Services Team

Mr Betney - Assistant Headteacher - Behaviour and Attitudes

Mrs Simpson - Head of Year 7

Ms Webster - Head of Year 8

Mrs Seddon – Head of Year 9

Mr Hartley - Head of Key Stage 3

Mrs O'Shaughnessy – Head of Year 10

Mrs Crystal – Head of Year 11

Ms Garrett - Head of Key Stage 4

Mrs Wright – Attendance Manager

Mrs Browne - Safeguarding and Wellbeing Manager


Endeavour Learning Trust Team

Mrs Fairhurst – Executive Director of Student Services (ELT)

Mrs Hammerton – Trust Attendance and Admissions Manager ELT)

Miss Daly – Systems Manager and Transition Lead (ELT) 


  • To support vulnerable students with the transition from Primary School to the Academy.
  • To support students after long term absence from school.
  • To give students the opportunity to speak to a trusted adult about any concerns.
  • To offer a quiet and safe environment for students to work if they are unable to access lessons.
  • To work with small groups of identified students

Further Information

If you feel your child may benefit from any aspect of student support or you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01772 812644