Ordering Our School Uniform From SWI Schoolwear

Tarleton Academy Uniform & PE Kit Order Form & Size Guide 2021

Deliveries will either be sent to your home address or, during term time SWI Schoolwear operate a free of charge weekly delivery service into school.

Orders sent to home will have a small charge for postage and packing unless they are for £70 or more.


The Tarleton Academy uniform is available to order online from  www.swischoolwear.co.uk

By Post

Sportswear International Limited

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By Telephone

01928 752610 Fax: 0845 519 0055

If you have any questions or queries regarding the uniform e.g bespoke skirt length please do not hesitate to contact us on enquiries@tarletonacademy.org

SWI Schoolwear - Direct To Parent Guide

To guarantee delivery for September 2021 orders must be placed by Monday 2nd August 2021

All deliveries will be made to your home address.

To ensure you receive your order before the start of term please do not delay in ordering

Any issues with placing your order, please contact the SWI customer service team on 01928 752 610 or via email customerservice@swi.co.uk

At Tarleton Academy, we believe that a school uniform is important, because it: 

  • Looks smart
  • Is cost effective
  • Contributes to a sense of belonging
  • Fosters a feeling of pride
  • Reduces ‘fashion competition’ between students  
  • Our uniform has been chosen after extensive consultation.  

Our School Uniform 

  • White shirt with top button fastened and shirt tails tucked into trousers/skirt
  • V-necked school jumper  
  • Black school trousers or thick pleated school skirt (skirts should be knee length)
  • Black blazer with school badge  
  • Clip-on school tie
  • Plain, black socks  
  • If wearing the skirt, socks should be long, but no higher than the knee – no patterns or bows - or plain black tights (minimum 40 denier) can be worn 
  • If a hair covering is worn, it must be plain black


  • Plain, black, smart, sturdy shoes (Boots, trainers, shoes with logos, flimsy ballet/court shoes, pumps, fabric or high heels are not acceptable).
  • For information, if you are unsure of the suitability of footwear, please ask a member of the pastoral team. Acceptable footwear is at the discretion of the Executive Headteacher. 

Outdoor clothing 

Outdoor wear should be a plain dark coloured coat. Casual outer garments such as nonschool jumpers, hoodies, fleeces, cardigans, leather or denim jackets etc. are not acceptable. Coats must be removed on entry into school buildings and should not be worn inside school buildings during the school day. We strongly advise that expensive branded outdoor clothing is not worn for daily school use as the school will not accept responsibility for the loss or damage to these items.  

Once removed, coats should be placed in bags or lockers. Blazers should be worn at all times around school including movement to and from lessons and coats should not be worn in place of blazers. The senior staff will inform staff and students if the uniform policy is to be relaxed during hot weather. 

Dark coloured scarves and hats may be worn during cold weather but these should not be worn in the school buildings. Hoods should also not be worn within the school building. 

Bags and belongings 

  • Every student should have a school bag for school equipment.
  • Bags should be sturdy and dark in colour.   

P.E. and Games Kit       

All students 

  • Purple polo shirt with school logo
  • Black shorts with school logo
  • Long Purple socks with school name
  • Trainers; black soled not allowed
  • Performance ¼ zip training top with school badge 


  • School performance sports leggings or school performance training pants with logo 

PE Staff will notify in advance when students will require the following items for their lessons: 

  • One-Piece swimming costume, swimming trunks or summing shorts (no Bermuda shorts or PE shorts)
  • Towel and hat 
  • Goggles (Optional)
  • Football/ Rugby boots/ Shin Pads / Gum Shield

For all PE lessons (including indoor lessons) non-participating students must have a complete change of clothing, for example, trainers or football boots, tracksuit bottoms, T-shirt and a sweatshirt.  They will be involved in the lesson in other ways to ensure that they are supervised at all times.  Bringing a change of clothes ensures that your son/daughter still has a clean/dry uniform for school use and that they are suitably dressed to undertake a variety of roles such as sports leaders, officials and organisers.  

Consequently, if you send your child into school with a note explaining why they cannot participate then a change of clothing/footwear as detailed above will also be required. 

All of our students are welcome to purchase and wear any items of uniform/PE kit regardless of gender.

Fashion Items / Other 

Earrings: no more than one piercing per ear, (ear lobes only) with one plain gold or silver stud, which should be removed for P.E. Any other piercings will be removed in school. 

Nose studs or retainers are not allowed, and students will need to remove these in school. 

No jewellery except for earrings (as above) and a watch. If a student needs to wear a piece of jewellery for medical or religious reasons, it should be removed or covered up during physical activity or during practical learning. Jewellery worn for medical or religious reasons will only be allowed once approval has been sought and agreed in writing in advance. 

Hair should not obscure a student’s vision.  Extreme hairstyles or colourings are not allowed.  Hair should be cut no shorter than grade 2. If parents are unsure as to the suitability of a hairstyle, they should check with the pastoral team in school first.  Hair accessories should be small, plain and black.  No flowers or bows should be worn.  Shaved patterns in hair or eyebrows will not be permitted. 

Any make up, including false tan worn in school should be discreet.  Nail varnish or false nails are not allowed. 

Facial hair should be tidy and is therefore at the discretion of the Headteacher. 

No student should have any tattoo which is visible (including swimming kit). 

For further details of the school uniform and the way in which it should be worn please read the School Uniform & Appearance Policy which can be found on the Policies webpage.