‘Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future’

Michael Palin

Key Stage 3

In Geography at Key Stage 3 we concentrate on developing key geographical skills and understanding. We do this by focusing on a wide variety of geographical topics including; map skills, global ecosystems, natural hazards, development, and globalisation. These topics allow our pupils to gain a good understanding of our ever-changing world.

Key Stage 4

In Geography at Key Stage Four students will follow the AQA Specification which is split into 3 papers.

Paper one is called ‘Living with the physical environment’. This unit is concerned with the dynamic nature of physical processes and systems, and human interaction with them in a variety of places and at a range of scales. 

Paper two is called ‘Challenges in the human environment’. This unit is concerned with human processes, systems and outcomes and how these change both spatially and temporally. They are studied in a variety of places and at a range of scales and must include places in various stages of development, such as higher income countries (HICs), lower income countries (LICs) and newly emerging economies (NEEs). 

Paper three is called ‘Geographical applications’. The Geographical applications unit is designed to be synoptic in that students will be required to draw together knowledge, understanding and skills from the full course of study. It is an opportunity for students to show their breadth of understanding and an evaluative appreciation of the interrelationships between different aspects of geographical study. This unit includes the opportunity for fieldwork and the students will complete an exam based on skills developed through fieldwork.

The weighting for the final grade is:

  • Living in the physical environment - 35%
  • Living in the human environment - 35%
  • Geographical applications - 30%