26 January 2017

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The Key Stage 4 Information Booklet and Options Form with Option Blocks are now available to view and download here.

Important Dates in the Options Process For Current Year 9 Students

January 2017 – Discussions start to take place in lessons about the GCSE courses

26th January – PSHCE day-  focused on options and the options booklet will be published

2nd February 2017 – Options Evening 6.00 to 8.00pm. The evening starts with a presentation in the School Hall at 6.00pm

9th February – Students to return options form with their initial preferences to tutors

22nd February – On Review Day Students will be given the opportunity to discuss options with their tutor

March 2017 – Students who have any issues or who are still unsure will have individual options discussions with their Head of House or a member of the Senior Leadership Team

April 2017 – Staff review of decisions / preferences and options decision published to Students and Parents