18 October 2016

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Last week the Department for Education released figures for the new progress measures, which essentially gives each school a score for how all their students have done in their best 8 subjects which include English, Maths, Science and either Geography, History or a modern language.

These scores are un-validated so they do not include any re-marks or inaccuracies. They are therefore a first indication. We know our score will come out higher than indicated due to a complete readjustment of Art and Design and other factors. Nonetheless these early indications show that these are, as expected, truly fabulous results which put us in the top 6 schools in Lancashire (out of 102) and in the top 20% of school nationally.

Find out more about how we have done compared to other Lancashire schools and nationally:


Amazing results for our girls!

We are also astounded to report that our girls achieved in the top 10% nationally, with an average Progress 8 score of 0.58, compared to 0.11 nationally.

Fabulous results for the boys too!

Our boys have also surpassed national figures with a fabulous average Progress 8 score of 0.19, compared to -0.17 nationally.

Validated Figures for 2015

For those who missed it take a look at the final validated figures for 2015, which are also amazing!