Senior Student Leaders Application Process

We would like Year 10 students to consider applying for the most important positions within our school community – the Senior Student Leader Team.

There are 12 places that make up our team including:

  • School Captains (2)
  • School Vice Captains (2)
  • House Captains (2 Captains per House = 8)

We may also appoint Senior Prefect Leaders and Senior Eco Team Leaders if we have many successful applications.

In order to apply, Year 10 students need to complete and submit the Google Form which is available HERE

Or you can request a paper copy of the application form through the student enquiry line on 01772 812644.

The closing date for all applicants is the 15th June.

We will then contact parents to arrange an interview through Microsoft Teams. All applicants will then be informed in week commencing 29th June if successful of their position.

We know that this year group is extremely talented and already has leaders within it and we look forward to working with you to ensure that our school community continues to grow and thrive.

We look forward to your applications!


Senior Student Council 2019 2020

School Captains are responsible for:

  • Primarily the driving force of School Council and chairing meetings;
  • Overseeing and developing the roles of all members of the Student Leadership team;
  • Presenting at events as required, acting as ambassadors within the school and the wider community;
  • Consolidating feedback and communicating with the Senior Leadership Team;
  • Internal communications – creating and updating a Student Leadership noticeboard regularly; creating bulletins or posters to update staff and students of Student Leadership events;
  • Creating and overseeing the development of ‘Drop in Sessions’ for all students to have dialogue with Student Leaders;
  • Lead on the development of a peer mentoring system for improving wellbeing and mental health of Tarleton Academy students.

Vice School Captains are responsible for:

  • Developing relationships with Student Councils in Trust schools;
  • Creating links with local feeder Primary Schools to develop relationships;
  • Potentially attend external events at Primary Schools as a Tarleton Academy representative;
  • Oversee the Senior Prefects and Eco Leaders – Drive changes forward in improving our environment (waste – use of plastic);
  • Support School Captains in School Council Meetings.

House Captains are responsible for:

  • Representing their House in assemblies through delivering notices and supporting the Head Progress Leaders;
  • Helping to organise Student Voice (wider school) through visiting tutor groups / supporting with ‘Drop in Sessions’ and liaising with the School Captains;
  • Leading and representing their House at each School Council meeting;
  • Helping to promote and run the charitable endeavours for their House;
  • Helping to promote Inter House competitions – encouraging tutor involvement in events such as Sports Day;
  • Supporting School Captains in implementing improvements suggested – such as the development of mental health awareness / wellbeing projects in school.

Senior Prefects are responsible for:

  • Assisting in the training of Year 10 Prefects;
  • Being visible role models around school in terms of supporting staff on duty;
  • Overseeing the Year 10 Prefect team – ensuring that duties are covered and the prefect rota is followed;
  • Reporting if Prefects are not in position;
  • Attending and leading on Prefect meetings held each half term.