To Access the Parent Portal

From the home page access the Useful Links page where you will find a link to the Firefly site.

You will need to click on the link that says “Logging in for the first time? Activate your account”

You will then be asked to enter your email address – this is the email address that we hold on record and regularly communicate with you through. If you wish to change this email address please contact the General Office on 01772 812644.

Then click activate account

  • An email will then be sent to you that will contain a link to activate your account.
  • You will then be prompted to choose a password.
  • You will then be prompted to active your account.
  • You will now be logged into the Parent Portal

Once logged into Firefly please take some time to become familiar with the menu structures. There is a help button in the form of a Question Mark on the left hand side of the page where you will find link to the online help centre.

Please let us know any questions or comments you may have via