We would like to openly welcome you to Tarleton Academy. We completely understand that joining a new high school may feel overwhelming and daunting; however we are here to assure you that Tarleton is a welcoming, secure and safe environment and we guarantee that you will feel at home in no time- remember we were once in your position too!

As the new school captains, we are optimistic and excited about getting stuck into our roles and we hope to implement the best ideas that will continue to push our school forwards and to reach its full potential. We aspire to keep standards high to maintain the welcoming and warm atmosphere that is created at Tarleton. We are delighted to have been chosen to represent Tarleton within our community and we look forward to being the role models for other students. 

We believe that constant communication with our peers is vital in order for us to excel in our roles, and consistently strive to find new and better ways to improve our school community and make our peers feel comfortable and safe while enjoying their time at school. We want to make a positive and effective impact and we hope to leave a legacy behind that future generations can expand on. 

We both enjoy and share a passion for learning. However, we also love to get involved with many different extracurricular activities throughout the year. It is crucial to enjoy your time and immerse yourself into any activities/ opportunities thrown your way to truly enjoy your time here at Tarleton Academy. You mustn’t be afraid to try new activities and experiences as you never know what you will enjoy until you try.

We are both extremely excited for the year ahead and are both optimistic that we can fulfil and accomplish our duties as representatives of Tarleton Academy.

Georgia and Charlotte