We would like to welcome you to Tarleton Academy. We understand that high school may seem daunting at first, but take it from us - it’s like a second family!

We were both extremely honoured when we were appointed as the School Captains. Our time within our role is short however we shall endeavour to make our school a comfortable place for your children and our students to attend. We have many new plans to introduce and incorporate into the school and aspire to leave a legacy behind. Here at Tarleton Academy, not only do we ‘make our future’ but we also make our school.

As School Captains we believe that to make a success in our roles, we must strengthen the foundations of discussing ideas with our fellow students within school. We think it’s necessary to cooperate fully with our leadership team and school council in order to make an effective impact on our school, and are constantly reviewing what we could do to make our school an even better community to be part of.

Relationships and competitions between our houses are a huge part of our school identity. These components are a crucial factor to the school as it gets everyone involved in events while maintaining a friendly and smooth manner to the competitive side of the academy.

Our behaviour systems are fair and ensure that the high expectations we have are met and without them the school life simply wouldn’t function properly.

We are both looking forward to the year we have ahead and aspire to make sure our school continues to improve.

Alice and Daniel